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You know bitly? Like that but with emojis

What's Mosho?

Mosho is a URL shortner that uses emojis. You give it a long URL such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Office_(U.S._TV_series)#Critical_reviews_and_commentary and it spits out something like 🎉🐙.ws/🐙🐙🐙. The short URL will now point to the original, long URL.

A URL with emojis? How does that work?

Traditional Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .com and .net accept a very limited set of characters. For example, .com only allows Latin letters, numbers, and the dash symbol. In recent years, some newer TLDs (such as .ws and .la) have begun allowing non-standard characters like emoji.

Which emojis can I use?

Mosho supports 888 emojies (I know!) covering Unicode 6.0, 6.1, 7.0, and 8.0 with the exception of 🅰, 🅱, 🅾, 🈷, 🈶, 🉐, 🈹, 🈲, 🈸, 🈴, 🈳, 🈺, and 🈵 due to compatability reasons.

Unicode 9.0 was released on June 21, 2016 and will be added to Mosho before the end of 2017 (so as to give major platforms time to adopt). If you notice any emoji URLs not working correctly let me know.

Can I view analytics for my link?

Yes you can, just append /stats to any Mosho URL to view the total number of times people have clicked on it, popular Sources (Google, Twitter, Bing), Mediums (search, email, social), Cities, Countries, Browsers, Platforms, and Devices.

Can I choose which emojis are in my shortened URL?

Yes! Just type in your desired emoji combination into the second text field after pasting the URL you want to shorten.

Can I preview where a link points to without actually clicking on it?

Yep, just append /stats to the end of any Mosho URL to see where it points to, without actually going there. For example, to see where 🎉🐙.ws/🐙🐙🐙 points to, just visit 🎉🐙.ws/🐙🐙🐙/stats.

What's the longest custom alias allowed? The shortest?

An alias can be anywhere between 1 and 100 emoji.

A social media platform I use does not support sharing emoji URLs, help!

Try replacing 🎉🐙.ws with mosho.ws. For example 🎉🐙.ws/🐙🐙🐙 would become mosho.ws/🐙🐙🐙.

Can these links ever change to where they point?

No, once created, all Mosho links will forever point to their original URL and cannot be pointed anywhere else.

Do you use 301 or 302 redirects?

Mosho uses 301 redirects.